Saturday, May 9, 2009

standing tall...

this pic taken this month.. in the early morning at Puncak Vista UUM. The best thing is from there we can see thebscenery of UUM. UUM offering you this, very nice n suitable place to study.. i do agreed that UUM new TAGLINE "1st Choice University" cozz.. my point is based on what i had here.. very confortable to studying here.. so calm.. green. love it much.. hehe.. However, this month wanna be my last time stand my feet in the ground of Sintok.. coz i'll go to doing my intern at Sandakan.. 4 month.. when i back to my hometown,, i don't know when will i come here again.. meets all my beloved bestfriends.. nik juelizha irdalya demalja, ROTU's member, programs, my course mate, roommate, my lecturers, my classes.. our futsal court on football in the evening.. go-kart, cycling.. jungle of sintok... huhu... 3 years in uum.. but today, i'm had to to leave all beautiful memory here. unforgetable.. permanently save deep in my mind, heart n my soul..Hopefully, all knowledge and experiences i got here.. make me someone that can standing tall in this world.. InsyaAllah..

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