Sunday, September 6, 2009


what news for today..?? still thingking about that... my workbuddy not come yet.. huhu.. i'm blur in this office ever just take 1 day weekend holiday.. huh..

oh my report praktikel.. dun worry.. i'll finish ut this month.. insyaallah.. sorry coz alwez put ur behind in my daily activity... hahaha...

nway, i'm excited waiting this hari raya aidil fitri ciming soon.. but not have yet baju raya.. xda masa mo p cari di kedAI...

otAK rindu kawan2 di uum.. rindunyaaaaaaaa... hehe.. ndakpa, nt jmpa tym antar report... g kl 6hb oktober... blik sandakan 18oktober.. hope two week ijn there enough 4 me... i'll take many picture there... hehehe..amin...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

23 Julai 2009 (Khamis)

hari ni hari ke-25 aku menjalani praktikel di RTM Sandakan.. satu pengalaman baru dalam hidup ni.. mula lapor diri kat RTM ni pada 29 Jun 2009... nama boss > Razali Haji Baba.. telah memasukkan aku dalam unit berita RTM sandakan... Masuk keja kul 8 n blik kul 5.. standard la.. government.. kan,,,,,,,,

bercerita mengenai unit berita,, huhu...
hari2 kena la cari berita.. dah namanya bertugas dalam unit berita.. kiranya wartawan la ni.. berita2 yang dibuat akan dibacakan oleh juruhebah (deeyjay) bertugas tepat pukul 3 petang.. kemudian berita itu akan dibaca sekali lagi pada pkul 7.45 keesokan paginya..

mcm mana nak dapatkan berita tu?.. hahaha.. nice question.. emm,,, stupid also.. hehe
berita boleh didpatkan dalam apa cara sekalipun.. dari sumber mana sekalipun.. as long boleh dipercayailah... huhu... apa jak berita.. kejadian-kejadian yang berlaku sekitar sandakan dan kawasan yang berhampiran dengan daerah sandakan.... can ur imagine..? averything happen in this town yang boleh dijadikan berita untuk dikongsikan kepada masyarakat sekeliling..

rakan setugas saya.. hehe
seorang perempuan.. muda setahun dari aku.. namanya wahijah.. known as ija.. suda lebih setahun bertugas sebagai pemberita di RTM Sandakan ni,, tp x tetap,, sambilan jak.. mental dia kuat owh... kalau nak tau lebih,, aku leh bagi no fonya,, tanya yg empunya diri tu sendiri...
nway,, she good girl... good partner job.. sgt berkompromi n bertolak ansur.. give n take

kat sini ada ramai pekerja... ada berkerja sebagai bos, kerani, deeyjay, juruteknik, penerbit rancangan, pembantu teknik, pengawal keselamatan. pemandu kenderaan dan lain2 lagi la... byk tul... even many peoples here.. their have no problem about that,.. just be a one big family in office... ;)

thats all.... for today..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

standing tall...

this pic taken this month.. in the early morning at Puncak Vista UUM. The best thing is from there we can see thebscenery of UUM. UUM offering you this, very nice n suitable place to study.. i do agreed that UUM new TAGLINE "1st Choice University" cozz.. my point is based on what i had here.. very confortable to studying here.. so calm.. green. love it much.. hehe.. However, this month wanna be my last time stand my feet in the ground of Sintok.. coz i'll go to doing my intern at Sandakan.. 4 month.. when i back to my hometown,, i don't know when will i come here again.. meets all my beloved bestfriends.. nik juelizha irdalya demalja, ROTU's member, programs, my course mate, roommate, my lecturers, my classes.. our futsal court on football in the evening.. go-kart, cycling.. jungle of sintok... huhu... 3 years in uum.. but today, i'm had to to leave all beautiful memory here. unforgetable.. permanently save deep in my mind, heart n my soul..Hopefully, all knowledge and experiences i got here.. make me someone that can standing tall in this world.. InsyaAllah..

21st Century Breakdown Lyric

Born into Nixon, I was raised in hell.
A welfare child where the teamsters dwelled.
The last one born, the first one to run,
My dad/town was blind by refinery sun.
My generation is zero.
I never made it as a working class hero.
21st century breakdown.
I once was lost but never was found.
I think I'm losing what's left of my mind
To the 20th century deadline.
I was made of poison and blood.
Condemnation is what I understood.
From Mexico to the Berlin wall.
Homeland security could kill us all.
My generation is zero.
I never made it as a working class hero.
21st century breakdown.
I once was lost but never was found.
I think I'm losing what's left of my mind
To the 20th century deadline.
We are the cries of the class of thirteen.
Born in the era of humility.
We are the desperate and in the decline.
Raised by the bastards of 1969.
My name is 'no-one', the long lost son.
Born on the 4th of July.
Raising the bygones of heroes and cons.
Left me for dead or alive.
There is the war that's inside my head
That questions the results and lies.
While breaking my back til I'm damn near well dead.
When enough ain't enough to survive.
I am a nation, a worker, a pawn.
My debt to the status quo.
The scars on my hands are a means to an end.
It's all that I have to show.
I'm taking a loan on my sanity.
For the redemption of my soul.
Well I am exempt from this tragedy and the 21st century fall.
Praise, Liberty
The freedom to obey
It's a song that strangles me
Well, don't cross the line
Oh dream, American dream.
I can't leave and see from rainstorms 'til dawn.
Oh bleed, America bleed.
Believe what you read from heroes and cons.